My design philospohy:

Nothing is too easy, too complicated, too booring or too silly to be done. Taste and style is personal and the customer is always right. My design is not MY design - I can work rough, careful, sober, childish, naive, old fashioned or ultra-modern. But always clean, fast, reliable and professional.


My inspiration:

Mexico - the colors, the smells and the sea ...
 I get inspired by the thruth, that everything and everyone is different,
the curiosity of a young mind, the visdom from an old ...
everything is possible and its never too late.


My clients

are at the moment mostly norwegian book publish companies:

Cappelen Damm, Det Norske Samlaget, Dinamo Forlag, Vega Forlag, Kagge Forlag, Stenersen Forlag, Pantagruel Forlag, NIX Forlag, Gyldendal Forlag. Record companies: Sonet, Polygram, Universal, Antilles, Amigo, Oh Yeah!, Voices of Wonder, Progress Records, Stiff Nipples Records, Ramalama. Other significant clients: Norad, Natt&Dag, Museet for Samtidskunst, Filmmagasinet, Norsk Husflid, Villa Import.



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Freehand Drawing,

Statens Kunst- og Industriskole



Graduated from Westerdals Advertising School

[Scolarship for Best student 1989]



Design Cooperation

Grafiske Akrobater



Truet Art [ Design Company]



Tattoo artist



Founded my own Design Company: Grrdesign



Yoga Teacher RYT200



Critical Alignment Therapist